Jamie Rollins RN, BSN, CYT



I’m Jamie Rollins. A Nurse, A Cannabis Advocate & and Animal lover. I earned my BSN at the University of Vermont in 2004, and in 2011 I obtained my certification to teach yoga at the 500-hour level. I have also studied Vedic Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda and Yin Yoga.

I have 15 years of extensive experience as a Registered Nurse in both field and leadership positions in Public Health, Psychiatry & Hospice, in both Florida and California. I have also been a Director of Nursing (DON) and understand the administrative complexities of medicine in today’s day and age where profit of patients is a true reality.

Not only have I seen the frustration caused by the current medical model but I have experienced it myself as well. People long for more options than what modern medicine offers and are beginning to return to using remedies we have used for thousands of years but have been left to the wayside. There is a movement happening among us. People are returning to plant based medicines, whole foods, and using mindfulness, yoga and meditation to gain more control over our health and our lives. We absolutely benefit from modern medicine but the ultimate benefit comes when we integrate multiple modalities of healing. I aim to do that with True Health Consulting.

I have embraced Cannabis Medicine these past few years and have witnessed profound changes in not only my life but in the lives of my family, friends & clients too. I assist clients in finding high quality, over the counter Hemp extracts, or more commonly referred to as Cannabidiol or (CBD), and educating clients on how to use it most effectively. Start low and go slow is the motto for starting any cannabis treatment.

I also offer a one on one Medical Cannabis Consulting. If you are new to using cannabis, in any over her forms, and need help figuring out where to start and how to proceed with cannabis therapeutics I can help guide you in the right direction through education and local resources.

As a nurse and yoga teacher, my vision and purpose has always been to help people achieve their personal health and wellness goals. I can assist you with your personal health journey using cannabis, whole plant nutrition and mindfulness and yoga. Simple healthy changes can shift your life in inspiring and exhilarating ways. Let me show you how.

Jamie is the founder of True Health Consulting which is focused on patient care, education & advocacy in Florida. She is also the co-founder of the Florida Cannabis Nurse Association. She recently spoke in NYC at the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo about “How to become a Cannabis Nurse” and will be speaking at the Medical Cannabiz Summit.World this November regarding “The impact and Progression of Cannabis Nursing in North America”. Jamie is a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and the Cannabis Nurses Network.