Cannabis Consulting 1:1

Personalized guidance on your medical cannabis journey!

Often people are intimidated to begin a medical cannabis routine. They are often worried about getting “high”, how to get a card or if they even qualify.

At True Health Consulting we can help you through the entire process from Determining if you qualify, to finding a physician for your recommendation, to getting your state application filled out correctly, to helping you figure out what to get, where and how much is suggested to take. We hold your hand through the process so you have positive outcomes and avoid negative experiences.

We follow the motto of ‘Start Low & Go Slow’. Very often when you work with a guide you can avoid unwanted effects and it can be more cost effective in the long run. When it comes to your health it pays to have guidance from an expert.

Maybe you suffer from an ailment where the research indicates a higher amount of CBD rather than THC is beneficial. If you didn’t know that crucial piece of information you may have chosen a strain or product that could enhance that anxiety therefore giving you a “bad experience” and reducing your chances of giving it another go. I want you all to have POSITIVE EXPERIENCES.

At True Health Consulting we aim to empower you with information and reassure you that there is nothing to be afraid of. Cannabis has been used for wellness for thousands of years, this is not a new discovery.

Through education we can help you narrow down things like: what route of administration may best suite your needs, what kinds of products (cannabinoids) may be beneficial for the symptoms you are trying to manage, how to cost effectively purchase medicine, where to purchase medicine, what questions to ask when determining the purity of the medication, where to find a prescribing MMJ doctor and Florida rules and regulations regarding the Medical Marijuana Program.

Initial intake Session: $100 (typically an hour)

Follow ups: $30 per every 15 minutes

If you are interested in learning more about your options a regarding cannabis therapeutics please fill out the form below or call 561-377-0220. Ask to speak with Nurse Jamie.

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